ACMT Position Statement: The Role of Clinical Pharmacists in the Emergency Department

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31 octobre 2017

Brenna M. Farmer, Bryan D. Hayes, Rama Rao, Natalija Farrell, Lewis Nelson

Clinical pharmacists are integral to the care and safety of patients in the hospital, particularly in specialty and high-risk settings. Emergency departments (EDs) represent care environments that carry unique risks that may be addressed through the addition of clinical pharmacists specifically trained and/or experienced as an ED pharmacist. ED Pharmacists have demonstrated a positive impact on patient-specific outcome measures, timely medication administration, optimization of therapy, medication safety, and cost of care. ​We support 24-h staffing of emergency departments with dedicated ED pharmacists as part of the clinical care team. ACMT also supports studies to further define the impact and value of pharmacists in the ED and other areas of ED expansion such as urgent care and observation units.​