Common concerns and possible problems

Information that gives comfort, confidenceSome women think that breastfeeding is meant to come naturally and easily and may feel flustered if they have problems. Don’t worry, most breastfeeding issues are temporary, and solutions are available.

Despite the known benefits of breastfeeding, some women are still hesitant to nurse their baby. Common fears include being incapable of breastfeeding, not having enough milk, having sore nipples, not being able to eat everything they want, not giving the father the opportunity to help with the feeding, and having their breasts deformed from breastfeeding. Most of these concerns are based on popular misconceptions or myths. Talk them over with a trained breastfeeding support person.

The first few weeks of breastfeeding can be challenging nonetheless. Possible issues include engorgement, nipple pain or injury, frequent feedings (see Cluster feeding), difficulty positioning the baby at the breast, worries about milk production, and a crying baby. Most of these issues are temporary, and solutions exist (see Breastfeeding challenges).

If you want to prepare yourself for breastfeeding or you have concerns, feel free to talk to a trained breastfeeding support person. You can contact a breastfeeding mentor or a professional at your local CLSC. That way, you’ll be better prepared to overcome any challenges you may face.