Scrapes and cuts

Essential information to rememberFor a large cut that is bleeding profusely, you can stop the bleeding by applying pressure to the wound with a bandage or clean towel. Call Info-Santé (8-1-1).

Photo: Société de sauvetage

For a minor, superficial cut or scrape that is not bleeding profusely:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water before caring for the wound.
  • Clean the wound with water and mild, unscented soap.
  • Rinse the wound under running water for 5 minutes and remove any foreign objects (e.g., dirt or gravel).
  • Dry the affected area. You can apply an over-the-counter antibiotic ointment.
  • Place an adhesive or gauze bandage over the wound, depending on how large it is.
  • Watch for signs of infection around the wound (redness, pain, warmth) in the days that follow. See a doctor if you notice any signs of infection.

If the cut is large or is bleeding profusely, put a bandage or clean towel over it and apply pressure to stop the bleeding. Usually, 5 to 15 minutes of pressure is enough. While doing so, call Info-Santé (8-1-1) to find out if your child needs to see a doctor to have the cut looked at or to close the wound.

Essential information to rememberIf your child has not been vaccinated or is not up to date on her shots, she may need a vaccine. You can check this with a health professional or Info-Santé (8-1-1).