Nutritional needs of pregnant women

Essential information to rememberYour baby relies on you for nourishment. The food you eat provides the nutrients she needs to develop and get a healthy start in life.

The foods you eat during pregnancy contribute to your baby’s health by providing the nutrients she needs to develop and get a good start in life.

Eating well also ensures that you meet your own needs during pregnancy. The physical changes you undergo (see Physical changes) increase your body’s need for liquids and many nutrients. What’s more, a proper diet helps you build the energy reserves you need for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Starting in the second trimester of pregnancy, your baby will develop faster and you will need to eat a little more. An extra snack or light meal during the day will usually be enough to meet your and your baby’s growing requirements.

Nutrients: Components of food, including vitamins, minerals, proteins, sugars, and fats.