Family activities

Essential information to rememberAsk your friends who have young children about their favourite family activities. Get out and have fun!

Photo: Cindy Eng

Most children love being outdoors. Municipalities often offer enjoyable activities at low cost. In summer, many organize free outdoor concerts. Contact your municipal recreation department to find out what’s available in your area.

Your energy will return once you’ve adapted to life with your new baby. Many parents then get the urge to get out and do things as a family. This is a good idea! Depending on your energy level, there’s no reason you can’t continue your usual family activities with the baby. Even very brief outings are beneficial for the whole family. They are a good way to break the sense of isolation you may feel. Try a few short outings as soon as you feel up to it.

Take your child outside in a baby carrier or in a stroller in summer or a sled in winter. In summertime, picnics in the park can be a lot of fun. If the weather’s bad, seek out indoor activities where you can meet other people.

There are all kinds of outings you can enjoy with your baby, such as family swim time at the pool, storytelling afternoons at the library, and children’s shows. Many libraries offer the free welcome kit “Une naissance, un livre.”