Trusting yourself

Information to comfort you and boost your confidenceDon’t set the bar too high and ask for advice if you need it.

Many new mothers have doubts about their ability to care for their new baby. Are you afraid of being clumsy when giving baby his bath, or not understanding why he cries, or panicking when he comes down with his first fever? Don’t worry. Most parents go through the same thing.

Essential information to rememberDespite your doubts, you’ll get to know your child better with each passing day. You’ll also discover your own strengths and develop your own way of caring for your baby.

Your confidence will grow with each passing week as it gets easier for you to understand your child’s needs. It will also get easier to plan your baby’s routine and organize your time.

As can be the case during pregnancy and childbirth, you may need professional support. If you feel overwhelmed and unable to manage your everyday activities, seek help from a professional, contact your CLSC or a perinatal resource centre in your area.