Emergent reading and writing

Essential information to rememberThe more your child is exposed to writing, the better he’ll be able to read and study in school.

Photo: Geneviève Germain

Now that your child has learned to handle books, he’s beginning to discover the written word. Long before he goes to school, you can use everyday events to help him take the first steps toward reading.

Your child watches you and wants to imitate you. Do some of your reading and writing while he’s watching. Here are a few suggestions for activities:

  • When your child begins to talk, you can write the first words in large letters and put them on the fridge. Point at them and read them out loud from time to time.
  • When he begins naming the people around him, you can write each person’s name beside their photo. If he says “daddy” for example, you can write the name in big letters under a picture of daddy.
  • When he brings you a drawing, write his name at the bottom of it.

Your child will make the connection between speech and writing a bit at a time. He will discover the purpose of writing and decide it is a good idea.

Don’t hesitate to visit your local library.