Choosing clothes

Essential information to rememberPreparing for the arrival of your baby requires a few necessities. But there’s no need to spend a fortune!

As diapers will be part of your baby’s wardrobe for about two and a half years, you’ll find more about them in the section Choosing diapers. When it comes to clothing, there’s no need to buy lots of clothes of the same size because your baby will grow quickly. The size indicated on the tag can be deceiving: even if your baby is only 1 month old, a size 3-month garment may already be too tight.

The choice of clothing is often based on the weather. In summer, a diaper and a light garment or undershirt are fine. Dress your baby more warmly if you have air conditioning. In winter, your baby will be very comfortable in pyjamas with feet. Your baby’s toes shouldn’t be curled up in pyjamas that are too short. Check whether your baby is too hot by touching the back of his neck: it shouldn’t be damp.