Breastfeeding: A learned skill

Essential information to remember

Essential information to rememberBreastfeeding promotes a closer mother-child bond.

Photo: Louis Guilbault


Information to comfort you and boost your confidenceLearning to breastfeed is a little like learning to dance. At first, you focus on your steps, not the music. But with time and practice, you forget the technique and the music carries you away.

As your baby snuggles up to your breast right after delivery, the act of nursing for the first time will soothe your baby and help stabilize his body temperature. Breastfeeding sustains the relationship that started between you and your baby during pregnancy.

Breastfeeding, like giving birth, is totally natural. And just as it’s normal to have assistance during delivery, it’s normal to need help with breastfeeding, especially at the beginning. While your milk will come in on its own, you will need to learn how to breastfeed.

The first days with a new baby are an intense experience. Your baby will need frequent attention and will nurse at any time of day and night.

The initial weeks of breastfeeding are critical because they are a time of adaptation and learning. Mastering the technique of latching the baby to your breast is your first priority. Give yourself plenty of time, and have confidence in yourself and your new baby.

As you gain experience, getting your baby to latch onto the breast will become easier. With time, you and your little one will come to enjoy the nursing experience more and more.