Baby’s growth

Essential information to rememberYour child is unique! He will grow at his own pace.

Photo: Claude Fortin

Your baby is unique! He will grow in spurts, at his own pace. All children of the same age don’t necessarily have their growth spurts at the same time. A variety of factors, such as gender, method of feeding, and genetic makeup, can influence the speed at which a child grows. For more information on weight gain in newborns, read Weight gain.

One of the best ways to make sure your baby is growing properly is to measure his weight and height at regular intervals, for example at his regular checkups. The health professional will record your baby’s measurements on a growth chart and compare his development to that of other children.

But more than anything, the measurements allow you to check that your baby’s development is proceeding at a pace that is normal for him. Your baby may be much bigger or smaller than other children of his age. Provided he continues to grow at his own pace, there’s no need to worry.