You don’t need to be perfect!

Information that gives comfort, confidenceEvery parent, like every child, is different. There’s no magic recipe for raising a child. Trust yourself!

Your role as parents will change over the course of the passing days and the different stages of your child’s life. Being a parent is all about learning, making mistakes, and trying again. Don’t get discouraged. It’s normal to have doubts and to feel awkward and insecure at times. What’s more, being a good model for your child also means acknowledging your missteps and mistakes.

“Am I too strict?” “Am I stimulating my child enough?” Parents are always asking themselves questions like these, but there’s no “right” answer that fits every situation and every child.

Many parents feel pressure from family and friends, or the things they see in the media. Even total strangers will sometimes offer parenting advice.

Talking with other parents

If you have the opportunity, take time to chat with other parents about their experiences. Hearing their stories can do you good and help get you through those tougher moments.

Sharing your experiences with someone—without comparing yourself to them—can also help you deal with built-up stress and better understand what you’re going through. Most parents like talking about their kids. Feel free to do the same!