Vegetarianism and veganism

If you’re vegetarian, it’s entirely possible for you to lead a healthy pregnancy. Be aware, however, that some nutrients, such as iron and omega-3s, are harder to get from a vegetarian diet. Pay special attention to these nutrients and let your prenatal care provider know about your dietary preferences.

If you’re a vegan, it’s also possible for you to lead a healthy pregnancy, but you’re at greater risk of developing deficiencies in several nutrients. Iron, calcium, vitamin D, zinc, vitamin B12, iodine, choline and omega-3 are more difficult to obtain with a vegan diet. Talk to your prenatal care provider about your dietary preferences.


Going on a diet during pregnancy is not advisable, unless recommended by your health professional. Starting a new diet could put you and your baby at risk, because you may not get all the nutrients necessary for your baby’s development and your health. Talk to your prenatal care provider if you want to go on a diet or are already on one.

Nutrients: Components of food, including vitamins, minerals, proteins, sugars, and fats.