Importance of the father-child relationship

Essential information to remember

Physical contact with dad is comforting and reassuring for your baby.

Photo: Myriam Bourbeau

Fathers sometimes underestimate their role. Loving, actively involved fathers contribute to their children’s well-being and development, strengthening their self‑esteem. For exemple this could be done by helping them discover the world through games and books.

The presence of a caring father helps his child—boy or girl—to be more confident and to reach his or her full potential. By taking an active role from the moment your child is born, you help create a bond that lasts for the years to come.

Developing your relationship with your baby

Here are some things you can do to build your relationship with your baby:

  • Take care for your baby, change her diapers, give her a bath, rock her, and put her to sleep
  • Play and do activities with her
  • Show her your affection
  • Talk to other parents about your child, share baby photos with friends, and tell them how proud you are!

Playing an active role in organizing family life also strengthens your relationship with your child. You can do this by keeping track of your baby’s health record, booking the babysitter, going to swimming lessons with your child, preparing meals, or contributing to the family income, for example.