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During your pregnancy, it is usually possible to meet with a nutritionist who can guide you on changing your eating habits. Ask your CLSC or prenatal care provider about the services available in your region.

Olo support program

If you have a low income, you may be eligible for the OLO program. This program offers personalized support beginning at 12 weeks of pregnancy. It gives expectant mothers access to prenatal multivitamins and redeemable food vouchers. Support is usually provided by a nutritionist or nurse, and includes advice on nutrition and healthy eating.

Olo support services are offered in almost every part of Québec by CLSC staff and by certain community organizations. Contact your CLSC to find out if you’re eligible for Olo support.

Other support programs may be available in your region, for example, if you live in Nunavik region or in the Cree Territory of James Bay. Ask your CLSC or your health professional for more information.

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Fondation Olo

Food banks and other resources

You can find a food bank or community kitchen in most regions in Québec.

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