First moments with your baby

Essential information to rememberYour baby is enveloped by the warmth of your body and instinctively seeks to nurse for food and comfort.

Photo : Mélissa Bernard Photographe

Within moments of being born, your baby will announce his arrival with his very first sounds. He will be placed on you. The care team will dry your baby off and make sure he’s doing well. If needed, they will clear the secretions out of his nose and mouth.

If all is well with both of you, your baby will stay on your chest, skin to skin. Ideally he will remain there for at least two hours without interruption. With both of you under a warm blanket, you can cuddle your baby as you get acquainted for the first time. At last you can marvel at his tiny face, his fists, and feet, and meet his gaze.

All of this helps your baby to gently transition to life outside the uterus; skin-to-skin contact allows him to maintain his body heat and regularize his breathing and heartbeat.

In addition, it makes your newborn feel safe and makes breastfeeding easier. At some point, your baby’s instinct will be to nurse for both food and comfort. The care team assisting with your delivery can help you get started with breastfeeding.

If your condition does not allow it, skin-to-skin contact can be with the father or another significant person. If skin-to-skin contact can’t be made right away, don’t worry, you will have the opportunity later on and your baby will be just fine.

Your baby will enjoy the warmth of your body or the comfort of being held by his father or another significant person. He will recognize the voices of his parents. Your baby will stick out his tongue, blink his eyes, breathe more quickly, move his lips, turn his head—it’s time to get to know one another! This is a wonderful and emotional time of discovery for all, one that marks a special period of bonding as a family.