Planning ahead

Information to comfort you and boost your confidenceAre your friends and family asking what kind of gift you’d like when your baby arrives? Ask for ready-made frozen meals, or request “help coupons” you can redeem for babysitting, meals, housework, etc.

The arrival of a new baby brings with it major life changes for parents. For a while you may not be able to take care of your home as you usually would. Just taking a shower could be quite an adventure, so you’d best get ready ahead of time: plan for child care, make some meals you can freeze, and get used to having some clutter in the house.

Think about who can help out, like family, friends, neighbours, or a community group. And think about things you might want to avoid, too, like unwanted visits or advice for example. Make room to welcome her and make sure others give you your space.

Have you arranged for someone to take care of your children when you leave for the hospital or birthing centre? Explain your children’s routine to this person.

Most of all, don’t hesitate to take people up on their offer to help—if it’s welcome, of course! There are also community groups that can help women who have just given birth by providing a few hours of housework or childcare per week. Contact your CLSC to find out what is available in your area.