Have faith in yourself

Information to comfort you and boost your confidenceYour first experiences with your baby are intense and emotional. While you may have doubts every now and then, remember that you’re getting to know your baby a little more with each passing day.

Worried you don’t have what it takes to be a mother? That’s perfectly normal!

There’s no school where you can learn this job. Afraid of being clumsy when giving the baby his bath, or not understanding why he cries, or panicking when he comes down with his first fever? Don’t worry yourself.

With a baby, your days are very busy. At first it’s quite tiring. There is no miracle cure for this, but there are many magic moments, like your baby’s first smiles and your cuddles and kisses.

Have faith in yourself and your partner. Listen to your intuition for answers to your questions. Understanding your baby’s needs gets easier each week. You’ll learn from your experience and become more sure of yourself. You’ll also see your baby becoming less and less fragile. You may be surprised at how comfortable you are doing certain tasks that used to make you nervous.

For most women, it takes about two years to strike a balance between their spouse, friends, work, and the new role of mother.

You will gradually master your new role, discovering your strengths and your own way of doing things. Routines are built through time and teamwork, and daily chores become easier.