Continuous support during childbirth

Essential information to rememberYou don’t need to be a massage expert to be useful during delivery! Don’t be afraid to try different things. Your partner will tell you what feels good. Keep supporting her and continue what you’re doing if your words and actions seem to be helping.

Photo: Olivier Drouin

A woman in labour needs to feel that she’s not alone. During delivery, she needs to have continuous support from someone she knows and trusts. This may be the baby’s father, a member of her family, a friend, or a birth companion, also called a doula (seeDoulas). This company and closeness will help her feel better, and reassure and encourage her. This is a stage in life that is important to share.

As a father you may feel helpless and powerless while your partner is giving birth, especially since this is an extremely important time for both of you. What do you do when the one you love is in pain and tells you she can’t take it anymore? How do you deal with all these emotions? There’s no game plan that’s guaranteed to work, but you should know that your presence makes a big difference.