Géoportail de santé publique du Québec

The Géoportail de santé publique du Québec, developed by the Institut national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ), is one of three components of the Surveillance and Prevention of the Impacts of Extreme Meteorological Events on Public Health System (SUPREME) (section 2.3). The Géoportail is a mapping platform that presents spatial data on risks, vulnerable sectors, and factors that can influence the impact of weather hazards on human health. Data useful for an emergency planning, including the location of clinical services (e.g., hospitals and clinics, emergency rooms, drugstores) are also provided. Others indicators will be added soon, in particular natural threats (e.g., flood zones, forest fires) and infrastructure (e.g. public baths, drinking water intakes, air-conditioned premises). The site also includes maps of territorial boundaries.

To support surveillance of mental health impacts, the Géoportail de santé publique du Québec provides quick access to data on sociodemographic characteristics from the census, deprivation, density of people vulnerable to heat due to chronic diseases and neighbourhood traits (e.g., prevalence of air conditioning, urban heat islands, canopy per CMA, population density). The platform makes it easy to add data from different ministries and organizations. Indicators relating specifically to the built environment (e.g. distance to parks and green spaces) are also available in the CREBS catalog on the Géoportail or in the CREBS Explorateur cartographique.

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How to cite: Canuel, M., Gosselin, P., Duhoux, A., Brunet, A., et Lesage, A. (2019). Post-Disaster Mental Health Impacts Surveillance Toolkit. Institut national de santé publique du Québec. Found at https://www.inspq.qc.ca/en/publications/2676(link is external).