Charting a course to safe living collection

Various tools have been developed to support a structured procedure for planning the activities that are to be carried out in order to maintain or improve safety within a community. Some of these tools are designed to be used during a specific step in the procedure, while others can be used in several different steps or be applied to a particular problem.

The Charting a course to safe living collection includes the Safety Diagnosis Tool Kit for Local Communities. The Safety Diagnosis Handbook is the centrepiece of this tool kit and it comes with six methodology guides. The collection also includes other tools that can be used by communities to improve safety in a range of life settings (schools, parks, city blocks, neighbourhoods, towns and cities, etc.).

The structured procedure described in the guides uses the problem of violence and crime as an example. However, its application is universal and most of the guides can be adapted and used, in whole or in part, for other problems such as unintentional injury prevention.

Some of the tools include Word or Excel files that have been developed to facilitate the application of the proposed procedure. The use of these files is explained in the different tools.