Guide to Analyzing Spousal Violence Within a Region - 2nd edition

This guide is designed to help you do an assessment of spousal violence within a region. It proposes a systematic procedure to 1) prepare a portrait of the scope of spousal violence within the study area on the basis of available data, 2) better understand the distribution of spousal violence in that area, 3) identify which groups are most affected, and 4) gain a better grasp of the factors potentially associated with the problem. The goal is to help communities obtain a more in-depth understanding of spousal violence as it is experienced in a particular area and plan effective preventive interventions. The guide also provides a list of interventions to prevent spousal violence before it occurs, which have been implemented in Québec and evaluated.

Basically, this guide is a decision-making tool that can be used on a voluntary basis depending on the situation in the area under study. It is intended for a range of individuals and groups working in the health and social services network, community settings, education, public safety, justice, and municipal affairs. It is also intended for local or regional consultative bodies.

Dominique Gagné
conseillère scientifique, Institut national de santé publique du Québec
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