Safety Diagnosis Tool Kit for Local Communities: Guide to Analysing Crime Using Official Statistics – 2nd edition

Promoting safety and preventing crime through a setting-oriented approach requires a structured procedure for planning the various activities to be carried out. The procedure involves mobilizing the population and intersectoral partners, making safety diagnoses and drawing up action plans. The Safety Diagnosis Tool Kit for Local Communities was prepared to assist with this procedure. It comprises several tools, including the Safety Diagnosis Handbook and six methodology guides. The document Turning Safety Diagnoses Into Action Plans: A Guide for Local Communities was prepared in addition to the tool kit, to facilitate the process of translating diagnoses into effective action plans.

The present document, Guide to Analyzing Crime Using Official Statistics – 2nd edition, is one of the methodology guides included in the Safety Diagnosis Tool Kit for Local Communities. The goal of this guide is to enable local communities to use official crime statistics for making safety diagnoses.

It should be noted that when a local community submits a request for crime statistics on its territory to the ministère de la Sécurité publique (MSP), the statistics are usually processed and analyzed before being sent to the community. Therefore, the purpose of this guide is not to equip you for doing your own analyses, but to help you better understand the results you obtain from the MSP, by explaining the various activities it carries out in order to prepare its report.

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