COVID-19: Temporary foreign workers in Preventive Isolation (Quarantine)

This information sheet replaces publication 2962:
Reception of Temporary Foreign Workers to Support Agri-Food Activities

These measures apply when community transmission is confirmed by public health authorities. Based on current knowledge, it is known that COVID-19 can be transmitted by presymptomatic, symptomatic, and asymptomatic carriers of the disease. Preventive measures are therefore recommended at all times.

The prevention measures recommended by the government for the general population and the basic recommendations for all workplaces (in French only) apply, unless more restrictive measures are specified. These recommendations are based on the hierarchy of COVID-19 control measures (updated in French only).

Special attention must be given to pregnant workers and workers with certain health conditions.  Please refer to the following recommendations:

Pregnant and nursing workers (in French only)

Immunocompromised workers (in French only)

Workers with chronic disease (in French only)

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