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COVID-19: Interim Recommendations on Preventive Workplace Measures for Pregnant and Nursing Workers

The Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (MSSS) has mandated the Institut national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ) to establish a working group to develop interim recommendations for workplaces and in the context of the application of preventive withdrawal and reassignment of pregnant or breastfeeding workers.

The working group brings together physicians and professionals at the INSPQ with varying backgrounds in public health, occupational health and infectious diseases, two medical communities of practice that are part of the Québec Health Network in Occupational Health (Réseau de santé publique en santé au travail du Québec, RSPSATQ), namely the “Communauté médicale de pratique d’harmonisation Pour une maternité sans danger (CMPH-PMSD)” and the “Communauté médicale de pratique en santé au travail du Québec (CMPSATQ)”, as well as the Québec Minister of Health and Social Services (MSSS).

These recommendations are based on the reference framework for publ…

Hierarchy of Control Measures in the Workplace

Public health recommendations for occupational health are based on the principle of a hierarchy of preventive and protective occupational health measures according to their effectiveness in the specific context of COVID-19. The measures presented in this information sheet are in addition to other measures recommended for workplaces and workers, which in combination increase worker protection, such as:

  • Exclusion of confirmed cases, case contacts and symptomatic workers.
  • Hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette and voluntary wearing of face covering.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and objects regularly.
  • Proper ventilation of work areas (premises and vehicles).
  • Communication, information and training, etc.
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COVID-19: Preventive and Protective Measures for Funeral Services Businesses

Institutional caveat

These interim recommendations have been written to support funeral services businesses (FSBs) in applying preventive and protective measures when taking charge of the bodies of COVID-19 cases. Measures intended to ensure the safety of FSB workers and clients during funeral activities are also proposed.

These measures are based on the information available at the time they were developed as well as on expert opinion. Based on knowledge drawn from Canadian and international public health organizations, they include findings and recommendations that may need to be revised as scientific knowledge related to the current pandemic evolves. To this end, the Institute has implemented scientific monitoring targeting various topics to enable it to identify emerging knowledge and to proceed with the required updates…

Temporary Foreign Workers - Practical Information for Employers

If a worker gets sick, all of their coworkers and housemates may have to be isolated. These preventive measures are aimed at protecting the health of all workers so companies can continue to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic while respecting workers’ rights and freedoms. Employers are responsible for providing accommodations and working conditions that make it possible for temporary foreign workers to comply with these measures. Temporary foreign workers are responsible for complying with these measures.

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COVID-19: Pregnant and Breastfeeding Workers - Preventive Measures in the Workplace

This is a supplement to the document COVID-19 (SRAS-CoV-2) : Recommandations intérimaires sur les mesures de prévention en milieux de travail pour les travailleuses enceintes ou qui allaitent version 3.0, July 13, 2020. [in French only]

In Québec, a worker who is pregnant or breastfeeding may avail herself of a preventive reassignment as outlined in the For a Safe Maternity Experience program set out by the Act respecting occupational health and safety (RLRQ c S-2.1, articles 40 and 46).

This version 3.0 of recommendations for pregnant and breastfeeding workers has been created in the ongoing context of the SARS-CoV-2 virus circulating in Québec and the resumption of professional activities, and in the context of lockdown lifting and lockdown.


  • Since December 31, 2019, the outbreak of acute respiratory infections and atypic…

COVID-19 Symptom-based Screening Questionnaire

This questionnaire is not available any more.

COVID-19: Interim Recommendations for the Food Processing Industry

This document has been updated in French only. The English version is not available anymore.

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COVID-19: Marine Products Processing Industry - Preventive Measures in the Workplace

This document has been updated in French only. The English version is not available anymore.

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