COVID-19: Interim Recommendations for Community Organizations

All community organizations must follow public health directives and take appropriate steps to protect the health and well-being of their workers and clients, in a manner consistent with government policies. Information resources are also available under the French subheading "Professionnels" on the MSSS website. These resources are updated on a regular basis in accordance with evolving knowledge. These recommendations are intended to protect workers in community organizations who are in direct contact with clients, as well as those who work as volunteers to support the activities of these organizations. These recommendations are also intended to protect those who use the services of these organizations and to minimize the spread of the virus within the general population. The measures set out in this information sheet are aimed specifically at community organizations that provide essential services to vulnerable populations: These interim recommendations take into account the risks associated with the transmission of the COVID-19 virus, while ensuring these essential services continue to be provided to the population.

  • General preventive measures
  • Context-specific preventive measures, in addition to the general preventive measures
    • Preventive measures when intervening with a person or group

    • Measures more specific to organizations offering accommodation
    • Measures for in-home services
    • Preventive measures more specific to organizations that distribute food
    • Preventive measures more specific to kitchens and food services counters
    • Preventive measures more specific to children's playgrounds
COVID-19: Interim Recommendations for Community Organizations



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