Traffic-calming Measures

This glossary was developed in conjunction with the document “Urban Traffic Calming and Health: A Literature Review” for the purpose of describing and illustrating the various trafficcalming measures referred to in the review.

This glossary identifies and describes trafficcalming measures, and offers the terms side by side in French and English. It may be of general interest to those seeking a simple way to orient themselves with respect to the numerous existing calming measures or those who are more generally interested in policies related to transportation or mobility. For these reasons, the NCCHPP is publishing the Glossary as a separate document as well as an appendix to the literature review.

As mentioned in the literature review, some of the devices described below are not considered by everyone to belong to the category of what are generally referred to as “traffic-calming measures.” However, they are included in this glossary because some of the studies consulted for the literature review and some traffic engineers treat them as traffic-calming measures, in certain contexts.



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