A Survey of Ethical Principles and Guidance within Selected Pandemic Plans

This document provides a survey of the explicit goals, ethical principles, and ethics-related recommendations put forward by a selection of salient national, sub-national and international pandemic preparedness plans and policies. It is designed to provide a concise preliminary comparison of prominent ethical frameworks in order to stimulate examination of the relevance and utility of such tools for deliberation and justification in the context of an actual public health emergency. It does not claim to be exhaustive, and reflects the information and resources available at the time the review was carried out. The survey may be useful to health sector and other authorities as they reflect on their experiences, as well as to other professionals engaged in evaluating whether, how, and which existing ethical frameworks contribute to actual deliberation and decision making during routine and emergency public health practice in different contexts. It may also serve as a primer for further discussions in which the variety of moral dilemmas that may arise during another widespread infectious disease outbreak or other public health crisis can be addressed in more detail. Most of the information presented in this document was extracted from official publications.

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