Avoidable Mortality of the Two Main Linguistic Communities in Québec

This report examines the avoidable mortality rates of Québec's two main linguistic groups, francophones and anglophones, over four periods: 1990−1994, 1995−1999, 2000−2004, and 2005−2007. The analysis was performed for Québec as a whole and for three specific areas: the Montréal census metropolitan area (CMA), all of Québec's other census metropolitan areas (Gatineau, Québec City, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivières, and Saguenay), and the rest of Québec, i.e., non-metropolitan areas, or non-CMA.…

Research report, study and analysis

Surveillance of Mental Disorders in Québec: Prevalence, Mortality and Service Utilization Profile

Although population surveys based on standardized questionnaires on mental disorders convey information on prevalence, they cannot provide timely monitoring data on changes in prevalence of mental disorders or their complications. Moreover, they cannot deliver information on links between services offered and utilization that could be used provincially, regionally and locally for mental health prevention planning and service organization.

To overcome this problem, the unité…

Monitoring report

Breast Cancer Mortality Reduction after Initiation of a Screening Program: Consistency of Effect Estimates Obtained Using Different Approaches

Effect on breast cancer mortality of a mammography screening program initiated in 1998 was assessed. Two effect estimates were obtained for each of three groups: participants, eligible women and all women of the target age group including those with prior breast cancer diagnosis. Methods: Four approaches were used: 1) observed and projected breast cancer mortality trends for 1998-2004 were compared, 2) breast cancer mortality in the first five years of the program (1998-2003) was…

Research report, study and analysis