Safety in Life Settings : A Guide for Québec Municipalities

Municipal governments have been concerned for a long time with enhancing the safety of residents. Under the mandate conferred on the municipalities, numerous municipal initiatives have sought to prevent traffic accidents, keep the peace, and prevent and control violence and crime.

A safe municipality makes life more pleasant for the families living there and attracts new residents, who stimulate economic activity, thus contributing to public well-being.

Most municipalities are facing significant budgetary constraints. The investment needed to enhance safety depends on the problems pinpointed and the solutions adopted. Fortunately, when such solutions depend on community cooperation and commitment, they do not necessarily engender additional spending.

For this reason, this guide emphasizes a process aimed at better integrating or promoting initiatives already undertaken by the municipalities. The guide does not propose solutions to each of the problems that the municipalities are likely to encounter but instead suggests a comprehensive strategy aimed at enhancing public safety. The same process thus applies, regardless of existing or anticipated safety problems.

The guide is a reference in the realm of safety. It proposes to the interveners concerned a common language and way of doing things that stresses the importance of cooperation. Moreover, the guide will enable users to consolidate their knowledge by means of a comprehensive concept.

Several guiding principles underpin this document, which seeks to:

  • adopt a comprehensive approach to safety;
  • emphasize the family and residents;
  • consider the objective and subjective dimensions of safety;
  • foster cooperation and community involvement.
Renée Levaque
Direction de santé publique de la Capitale-Nationale
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