Evaluating the process of establishing a food co-op

Evaluating the process of establishing the co-op makes it possible to document the process, assess progress towards the desired change, identify discrepancies between what was planned and what was achieved, and rectify the situation if necessary.1–2 The evaluation answers various questions3 such as:

  • Did you do what you intended to do?
  • Do you have the right partners?
  • How are partners working together?
  • Are you reaching your intended audience?
  • What lessons can you and others apply to future initiatives?

Gathering data on the establishment process: the EffICAS study

In the EffICAS study, the process of establishing food co-ops and the intersectoral mobilization required were documented using semi-structured interviews. These interviews with key informants from a range of backgrounds (e.g., citizens, municipal, public health, and social economy professionals) provided an opportunity to gather different points of view and understand the realities and issues at stake.

An assessment tool designed to support reflection on a current or completed establishment process was created by adapting the guide used in EffICAS and integrating questions from evaluation guides.1–3 This tool proposes open discussion questions on the initial project, the process of creating the project, community mobilization, consultation, facilitating factors and barriers, project sustainability, and the impact of the co-op.

The Process of Mobilization and Establishment
of a Food Cooperative Assessment Tool


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