How much milk?

Essential information to rememberYour baby is unique. Watch him and he’ll let you know if he has had enough to drink.

Photo: Maroussia Beaulieu

The amount of milk consumed varies widely from one baby to the next, and from one day to another. Over the first few days, your baby will drink only a small amount because his stomach is still very small. This amount will increase gradually.

Your baby may be very hungry in the evening and less so in the morning. It’s best to observe and watch for signs of hunger or fullness and let him decide how much milk he needs. Respect your baby’s appetite!

No research has been conducted into how much milk babies need at a given age. The information in the table on the following page is only meant to illustrate how much a baby may drink in a day.

Daily amount of milk: an illustration

Age Daily Amount (24 hours)
Within the 1st week Steady increase from 180 ml to 600 ml
1st week until the end of the 1st month 450 ml to 800 ml
2nd and 3rd months 500 ml to 900 ml
4th, 5tth and 6th months 850 ml to 1,000 ml
7th to 12th months 750 ml to 850 ml

1 oz = 30 ml - 1 cup = 250 ml

Remember that tables don’t take into account the individual needs of your baby, who is unique. Observing your baby will likely teach you much more than reading this table. You can also ask a doctor, midwife or CLSC nurse for advice, if you feel the need.