An act of love

If delivery goes well, the baby is put on mom’s tummy right after birth. This “skin-to-skin” contact is a source of comfort and reassurance that helps your newborn adapt to life in the outside world. It also gives mom an opportunity to get to know her baby. This is an intense and moving moment for the whole new family.

These intimate moments give parents a chance to observe their newborn child. In the hour after birth, most babies will put their hands to their mouth, stick out their tongue and try to suck. Your baby might want to suck without necessarily needing to drink much milk.

Feeding your baby is a time of intimacy and sharing. Frequent contact is important and will play an important role in the lives of you and your baby.

Snuggled in your arms, your baby feels the milk filling her stomach. She loves the sound of your voice and the warmth of your body! Feeding your little one can be so much more than a simple task that needs to be done. Make the most of such moments to interact with your baby.