Caring for your relationship

Essential information to rememberTaking care of yourself and your relationship is also beneficial for your child.

The arrival of a new baby, with all the attention a newborn needs, means there is less room for your activities as a couple.

At times, you may feel like your childcare responsibilities leave no time or space for the two of you.

Don’t hesitate to go out together or spend a day just the two of you from time to time. Keep on sharing activities and making plans. Have fun together!

Try to make room for couple time and intimacy, even if it’s not always easy in the months after your baby arrives.

Communicating to understand each other better

Communication is a good way to take care of your relationship. Pregnancy and the period that follows bring major changes in a couple’s life, and both parents need to adapt. It’s important to talk about your emotions, concerns, and joys during this period in order to maintain a close bond with your partner.

If you face an obstacle or conflict, don’t wait to talk about it. Take time to explain your different perspectives and find solutions together. Good communication habits can help you develop a new approach, one where both parents feel valued and respected.