Bottle-feeding your baby

Photo: Nathalie Vandal

Bottle-feeding is important. Bottles can be used to feed your baby expressed breast milk or commercial infant formula. Regardless of the type of milk you’re using, you’ll need to prepare and use baby bottles in a similar way. This chapter contains information on:

  • Choosing bottles and nipples
  • Bottle-feeding your baby
  • Food-related problems for bottle-fed babies
  • Cleaning bottles, nipples and breast pumps

You’ll find everything you need to know about milk types and choices in the Milk section.

General information on feeding your baby (burping, gas, eating behaviour, feeding schedule, etc.) can be found in the Feeding your baby section.

Essential information to rememberIf you are breastfeeding your baby, be aware that some babies find it hard to return to the breast after drinking from a bottle a few times. Bottle‑feeding is also associated with shorter nursing periods, particularly when using commercial infant formula. Keep an eye on your baby’s behaviour.