A baby who is drinking enough will urinate regularly (see Is your baby drinking enough milk?). His urine is pale yellow and has no detectable smell. During the first week of life, he will urinate more and more often. By day 5, he will be wetting at least 6 diapers a day.

During the first couple of days, you may notice orange spots (urate crystals) in your baby’s diaper. These crystals are normal and not dangerous. But if they are still present two days after birth, it may be a sign that your baby is not drinking enough. If you are still seeing orange spots in your baby’s diaper after a week, consult a doctor.

Is your baby urinating less often than usual? Does his urine look darker and have a distinct smell? It may be because he’s very hot or overdressed and is a little dehydrated.

What to do?

  • Remove a layer or two of clothing.
  • If he is breastfeeding, increase the number of feedings.
  • If you’re using a commercial baby formula, make sure it is prepared correctly, because a mistake during mixing (dilution error) can result in dehydration (see Handling commercial infant formula). Make sure he is drinking enough milk. You can then give him a little water in between feedings.

If the situation persists, call Info-Santé (8-1-1) or consult a health professional.

A baby with a fever may also have darker urine that has a smell. You may need to check his temperature (see Fever).