Ear infection

Otitis media is an ear infection of the inner ear. It is not visible from the outside. Most ear infections develop following a cold.

Children with an ear infection may have a fever. They may sometimes cry, roll their head on the bed, or touch their ears. They may seem to have less appetite. They may also vomit or have diarrhea. In some cases fluid can run out of the ear.

What to do?

Ear infections do not always require medical treatment. However, if your child is unwell or irritable, there are medications that may help (see Fever medication).

If your child has a fever, see What to do if your child has a fever.

If your child is crying a lot, has a discharge from the ear, or seems to be in pain, see a doctor.

An ear infection can temporarily affect your child’s hearing. If you think your child is not hearing as well as normal a few weeks after the ear infection, see a doctor.