Other relevant publications

This appendix presents publications that are either related to post-disaster surveillance, mental health impacts or tools to evaluate them. The tools are available to the general public on the Internet.

Démarches épidémiologiques après une catastrophe

Some of the experts who wrote this book have participated in the evaluation of disasters in France in recent years. It targets the interveners who might be involved in the management of the consequences of a disaster.

The following modules are available on the Internet: different types of epidemiological surveys; populations: census and sampling; data collection procedure; routine data and information system; measurement of exposure and risk assessment; psychometric tools; tools to assemble information on co-factors in the study of the psychosocial impacts of disasters; adaptation or implementation of a surveillance or warning system; ethical aspects; communications, media and the press.

Read the document (Verger et al., 2005)

Faisabilité d’un suivi des impacts psychosociaux des aléas climatiques

This critical analysis of 126 scientific articles focuses on the theme of the psychosocial impacts of climatic hazards, including the identification of factors that alter the links between the hazards and their consequences. It discusses the data sources that the researchers used and their applicability to Québec and the methodological quality of the studies listed. The report proposes observations and recommendations concerning the items that are usable in the context of the establishment of a post-climate-hazard surveillance system in Québec.

Répertoire d’instruments pour la surveillance des impacts psychosociaux des aléas climatiques

This publication of the Institut national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ) is meant to be an inventory of the best measurement instruments validated, in French and in English, to monitor the psychosocial impacts of climate hazards. It presents 52 measurement instruments. An information sheet has been produced for each instrument and summarizes the description of the instrument, the population targeted, the type of translation, and whether metrological quality tests such as Precision, pretest, internal coherence and validity were conducted. Where possible, the name of a resource person for the French or English tool has been provided.

Proposition d’indicateurs aux fins de vigie et de surveillance des troubles de la santé

The Institut national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ) has produced a series of six reports to propose an array of impacts and health indicators to be incorporated into monitoring and surveillance systems related to weather hazards. The main results of the health consequences related to each group of weather hazards under study are listed.

The six reports focus on health disorders related to the following weather hazards: