Methodology for the selection of the studies

This appendix presents the selection criteria respecting the studies presented in section 5.

The studies and surveys selected may have been conducted after a disaster or deemed relevant to the surveillance of mental health status. To obtain questionnaires drafted and validated in French, only studies that were local, regional and provincial in scope conducted in Québec and in France were selected, whether or not they were recurrent, provided that they included at least one section on mental health impacts. The outcomes must have been published between 2000 and 2016. Table 1 specifies the criteria adopted.

Table 1 - Selection criteria respecting the studies
Criteria Description Exclusions

Type and form of the document

  • Questionnaire, research protocol, report (research, thesis, PowerPoint, and so on), scientific article.
  • Non-published tools.


  • The studies must have been developed to conduct medium- and long-term clinical or epidemiological surveillance of mental health impacts, especially after disasters.
  • The name of the standardized measurement instruments used must be indicated for a study to be included in the toolkit.
  • The surveillance of impacts during the emergency phase or immediately after the disaster, e.g. a monitoring study.
  • Studies for which the questionnaire is not available or in which the name of standardized tools is not mentioned.

Search engine

  • Search in the grey literature, personal contact and in three databases (Pubmed, PsycINFO and PILOTS*).


Language of publication

  • French


Date de publication

  • 2000 to 2016


*    Published International Literature On Traumatic Stress :