Revision of the Programme d’immunisation contre l’influenza au Québec

The last report issued by the Comité sur l’immunisation du Québec (CIQ) concerning the Programme d’immunisation contre l’influenza du Québec (PIIQ) [Québec’s Influenza Immunization program] was published in 2007. An update became necessary, given the many scientific advances that have occurred in this field.

The primary objective of the PIIQ must be to reduce influenza-associated hospitalizations and deaths.

To attain this objective, the CIQ recommends maintaining a targeted vaccination strategy for individuals at high risk for hospitalization and death and giving priority to achieving vaccine uptake of at least 80% in these groups.

It is recommended to withdraw healthy children aged 6–23 months and healthy adults aged 60–74 years from the list of groups at high risk for influenza-associated hospitalization and death, but to maintain the other groups currently included in the PIIQ.

The CIQ recommends that all healthcare workers receive the vaccine.

A permanent infrastructure should be implemented to continually appraise influenza disease burden, vaccination effectiveness, vaccine uptake and program impact to be able to quickly make any necessary adjustments to the planning and implementation of the PIIQ.

Revision of the Programme d’immunisation contre l’influenza au Québec
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