Quality of Water Used in Medical Device Reprocessing

This professional practice guide is a basic reference on the quality of water used for reusable medical devices reprocessing (MDR) and flexible endoscopic devices reprocessing (EDR). It aims to support activity management, to standardize practices and to improve the quality of MDR. It is intended for all persons working in health care institutions who are directly or indirectly responsible for quality assurance in MDR, including managers, MDR institution respondents, MDR staff, and persons responsible for the supply of drinking water and water treatment systems (Technical Services and Biomedical Engineering Department).

This professional practice guide compiles normative, scientific and technical information on the quality of water used to reprocess reusable medical devices. It also discusses potential breakdowns (including issues related to water used in reprocessing: quality or interruption of service), quality assurance and the development of contingency plans. This document will help to harmonize and ensure the quality of MDR-related processes throughout Quebec’s health care institutions. It supplements the information in practice guides previously published by the Centre d'expertise en retraitement des dispositifs médicaux (CERDM) of the Institut national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ). CERDM publications are available at: https://www.inspq.qc.ca/cerdm.

To simplify the text, the term medical device (MD) will always refer to a reusable critical or semi-critical medical device. In addition, the term endoscopic device (ED) will always refer to a flexible endoscope for one of the following systems: digestive, gynecological, pulmonary, upper respiratory and urinary.

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