L’utilisation de la variable sur la langue d’usage à la maison du Registre des décès du Québec

One of the most popular indicators of a population’s health is mortality. Some cultural and linguistic aspects can be integrated into the study of this by using the information recorded in the Quebec death registry on the language spoken at home. We explored Quebec’s death database for the period from 1990 to 2007 in order to assess the proportions of missing data in the files according to variables such as health and administrative divisions, the health institution or the type of declarer. On the basis of this exploratory research, we conclude that this information is precise enough to be used, after the missing values have been completed through imputation of data, to provide a realistic depiction of mortality by language group.
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Trempe, Normand; Boivin, Marie-Claude; Lo, Ernest; Barry, Amadou
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janvier, 2014
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