The initial state of the human gut microbiome determines its reshaping by antibiotics.

Raymond, Frederic; Ouameur, Amin A.; Deraspe, Maxime; Iqbal, Naeem; Gingras, Helene; Dridi, Bedis; Leprohon, Philippe; Plante, Pier-Luc; Giroux, Richard; Berube, Eve; Frenette, Johanne; Boudreau, Dominique K.; Simard, Jean-Luc; Chabot, Isabelle; Domingo, Marc-Christian; Trottier, Sylvie; Boissinot, Maurice; Huletsky, Ann; Roy, Paul H.; Ouellette, Marc; Bergeron, Michel G.; Corbeil, Jacques
The ISME journal
mars, 2016