Housing Characteristics and Indoor Concentrations of Selected Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Quebec City, Canada

Concentrations of 26 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) were measured continuously for 7 days during winter in 96 homes in Quebec City, Canada. Characteristics of the houses and activities of the occupants were documented through detailed questionnaires filled out by one adult per household. VOCs were sampled using passive monitors and analyzed by gas chromatography-mass selective detector (GC-MSD). Results indicate contributions to indoor levels of some VOCs from combustion sources and recent renovation activities. Negative associations were seen between certain VOCs and the presence of carpets and furniture. In general, higher VOCs concentrations were found in newer houses. No association was found between individual VOCs and air change rate. Results suggest that multiple indoor sources contribute to occupants' exposure to VOCs during winter in Quebec City homes.
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Héroux, Marie-Ève; Gauvin, Denis; Gilbert, Nicolas L.; Guay, Mireille; Dupuis, Geneviève; Legris, Michel; Lévesque, Benoît
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avril, 2008
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