Lack of evidence of sexual transmission of hepatitis C virus in a prospective cohort study of men who have sex with men

OBJECTIVES: We studied the prevalence and incidence of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection in the ongoing Omega Cohort Study of men who have sex with men (MSM). METHODS: From January to September 2001, consenting men (n = 1085) attending a follow-up visit to the ongoing Omega Cohort Study were tested for HCV. If the test results were positive for HCV, we compared them with test results from previous serum samples collected from the time of entry into the original cohort study to determine the time of infection. RESULTS: HCV prevalence at entry was 2.9% and was strongly associated with injection drug use (32.9% vs 0.3%, P<.0001 only="" seroconversion="" was="" identified="" in="" person-years="" of="" follow-up="" rate="0.038" per="" the="" seroconverter="" an="" active="" injection="" drug="" user="" who="" reported="" needle="" sharing.="" conclusions:="" sexual="" transmission="" hcv="" among="" msm="" appears="" to="" be="" rare.="">
Auteurs (Zotero)
Alary, Michel; Joly, Jean R.; Vincelette, Jean; Lavoie, René; Turmel, Bruno; Remis, Robert S.
Date de publication (Zotero)
mars, 2005