A one health genomic investigation of gentamicin resistance in Salmonella from human and chicken sources in Canada, 2014-2017

Objectives: We investigated whether the increased prevalence of gentamicin resistance in Salmonella from human infections was related to a similar increased prevalence in isolates from broiler chickens and whether this increase may have been due to co-selection from use of lincomycin-spectinomycin in chickens on farms. Methods: Whole genome sequencing was performed on gentamicin-resistant (gen-R) Salmonella isolates from human and chicken sources collected from 2014-2017 by the Canadian Integrated Program for Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance (CIPARS). We determined the genomic relatedness of strains and characterized resistance genes and plasmids. Results: From 2014-2017, 247 isolates of gen-R Salmonella were identified by CIPARS: 188 were from humans and 59 from chicken sources (26 from live animals on farm and 33 from retail meat). The five most common gen-R serovars were Heidelberg (n=93, 31.5%), 4,[5],12:i:- (n=42, 14.2%), Kentucky (n=37, 12.5%), Infantis (n=33, 11.2%), and Typhimurium (n=23, 7.8%). Phylogenomic analysis revealed that for S. Heidelberg and S. Infantis, there were closely related isolates from human and chicken sources. In both sources, resistance to gentamicin and spectinomycin was most frequently conferred by aac(3)-VIa and ant(3'')-Ia, respectively. Plasmid closure confirmed linkages of gentamicin and spectinomycin resistance genes and revealed instances of similar plasmids from both sources. Conclusions: Gentamicin and spectinomycin resistance genes were linked on the same plasmids, and some plasmids and isolates from humans and chickens were genetically similar, suggesting that the use of lincomycin-spectinomycin in chickens may be selecting for gentamicin-resistant Salmonella in broiler chickens and that these resistant strains may be acquired by humans.
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Cox, Graham W.; Parmley, E. Jane; Avery, Brent P.; Irwin, Rebecca J.; Reid-Smith, Richard J.; Deckert, Anne E.; Finley, Rita L.; Daignault, Danielle; Alexander, David C.; Allen, Vanessa; El Bailey, Sameh; Bekal, Sadjia; Chui, Linda; German, Greg J.; Haldane, David; Hoang, Linda; Minion, Jessica; Zahariadis, George; Mulvey, Michael R.; Bharat, Amrita
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septembre, 2021