Excretion of volatile nitrosamines in a rural population in relation to food and drinking water consumption

Urinary excretion of volatile nitrosamines was assessed in 59 non-smokers living in a rural county of Québec, Canada. Water and food intakes were measured by means of a 24-hour recall. Nitrates were analyzed in the tap water of all participants (geometric mean=2.0 mg nitrate-N/L) and dietary intakes of nitrate and vitamins C and E were estimated via a validated Canadian food database. Urine was collected over the same 24-hour period and analyzed for nitrates by hydrazine reduction and for volatile nitrosamines by gas-chromatography/mass spectrometry. N-Nitrosopiperidine (NPIP) was found in urine samples from 52 of the 59 subjects. Geometric mean of NPIP urinary excretion was 67 ng/day and maximum value was 1045 ng/day. No other volatile nitrosamine was detected. There was a correlation between urinary nitrate excretion and total nitrate intake (r=0.71, P
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Levallois, P; Ayotte, P; Van Maanen, J. M. S; Desrosiers, T; Gingras, S; Dallinga, J. W; Vermeer, I. T. M; Zee, J; Poirier, G
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novembre, 2000
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