Évaluation de l'accès à l'avortement médicamenteux dans les cliniques d'avortement du Québec en 2021 - Partie I

OBJECTIVE: In 2020, 11.9% of abortions in Quebec were medication abortions, compared with 32.4% in Ontario. The objective of this evaluation was to assess the quality of access to medication abortion in Quebec abortion clinics, where 91% of these abortions are performed. METHODS: Quebec abortion clinics were contacted by 2 mystery client clinical profiles between October 8 and November 17, 2021. Descriptive analyses and statistical tests were performed, as well as a qualitative analysis of collected comments. RESULTS: Medication abortion up to 63 days of gestational age or less was available in 39/47 abortion clinics, more in rural and remote areas than in urban or suburban areas (P = 0.013). The mean time from first call to first appointment was 6.2 calendar days (standard deviation [SD] 4.0), shorter in rural and remote areas (P = 0.005) and in clinics affiliated with a hospital or local community service center (P = 0.010). The mean number of visits required for medication abortion was higher than for surgical abortion (2.9 [SD] 0.9 vs. 2.3 [SD] 1.1) (P
Auteurs (Zotero)
Guilbert, Edith; Bois, Geneviève
Date de publication (Zotero)
février, 2023