The TOPO Collection

The TOPO collection is produced by the multidisciplinary team on nutrition, physical activity, and weight-related problems prevention (Nutrition, activité physique et prévention des problèmes reliés au poids or NAPP)* at the Institut national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ).

The collection disseminates knowledge to inform the choices of practitioners and decision makers in the prevention of weight-related problems. Each issue addresses a theme and combines a critical analysis of the relevant scientific literature with observations or illustrations that can assist in applying this knowledge in the Québec context.


*The NAPP team is mandated to develop expertise on the issue of weight to support and assist the public health network’s efforts in this field. The NAPP team is part of the Habitudes de vie unit, in the Direction du développement des individus et des communautés of the INSPQ.