From Tiny Tot to Toddler: a practical guide for parents from pregnancy to age two (2024)

From Tiny Tot to Toddler is a practical guide that contains scientifically supported information about pregnancy, delivery and the first two years of a child’s life. A free printed guide is given to all new Québec parents at the beginning of pregnancy follow-up. Parents involved in an adoption process can also receive a free guide.

2024 edition: What’s new?

The 2024 edition includes updates on several topics in the Feeding your child section. Specifically, there are changes to the Breastfeeding your baby and Foods chapters. The content is based on the latest scientific findings and current practices in Québec. 

Information on COVID-19, adjusted annually since the 2021 edition, has been updated again. In the 2024 edition, COVID-19 is often treated the same as other respiratory diseases.

The document What’s new? will give you an overview of the changes made to the 2014 edition. 

From Tiny Tot to Toddler 2024
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