Hospital visit

Information to comfort you and boost your confidenceIn most cases you and your partner or the person who will be with you for the birth can visit the facility where you will be giving birth. This will give you an idea of what the birthing environment is like and what you need to do when you arrive.

During your pregnancy you can learn about the different options available for giving birth (hospital, birthing centre) and their specific features (routine, rules, length of stay, and types of interventions). You can also visit them. This may help you feel more comfortable.

Visiting the hospital is also a great way to familiarize yourself with the best route to get there, find parking, and learn about the admission procedure. During your visit, hospital staff will answer your questions, tell you about the services available, and explain how the healthcare team works.

For help preparing your questions, see Things to think about when preparing your birth plan.

Ask your health professional or prenatal class instructor how to arrange a visit of the hospital where you will be giving birth.